Everything You Need to Know About Bachata

April 5, 2019




Everywhere you look online and locally, bachata is taking the world by storm! With festivals, competitions and classes, everybody wants to be dancing bachata – but where did it come from and what’s it all about?


The History of Bachata


The dance style, ‘bachata’, originated in the Dominican Republic and the move at its heart is a three-step with a Cuban hip motion, followed by a tap on the 4th beat. Bachata is typically danced with knees bent so that it’s easier to sway and is mostly danced with a partner. The majority of the movements are focused on the lower body from the hips down, with less focus on the arms and upper body. Whilst there are a few different interpretations of bachata, most people agree that it appears as a performance for an interested partner, similar to mating calls we see in nature. The dance is to show off your passion!


Bachata Music


You can’t dance well without feeling the rhythm! Music is incredibly important in bachata dance – you cannot dance to just any song. Bachata music typically has a set beat and rhythm that compliments the dance patterns. Like the dance style, bachata music has a long history with the first style of bachata music being recorded in 1962, ‘Borracho de amor’. The genre is often associated with the Latin-American Bolero and often contains Spanish guitar and maracas. It sounds similar to salsa and is loved just as much, if not more!


Bachata Performance


Bachata has become an incredibly popular and diverse style of dance. Competitions and partnered dance celebrations have developed bachata into a more theatrical style of dance where a story is typically told by the couple with facial expressions and strict lead and follow principles. Bachata performers have taken the world by storm in recent years, alongside bachata music!


Where can You Enjoy Bachata?


If you’re interested in bachata, I highly recommend searching for local bachata dance classes and learning the key movements and principles. There are also many places you can enjoy bachata music. As a bachata singer, I often perform at events, competitions and festivals. In fact, to celebrate the launch date of my newest album, Cuentos de la Luna, I am performing all thirteen of my new songs at the Like a Bos Festival, alongside other singers and performers. The day is sure to be atmospheric and upbeat!


If you’d like to come along and see what bachata is all about, buy your tickets online here now!



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